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January Jones sharing Nick Hoesl’s Proverbial Laughter of The World

Home Welcome to my website! I'm Nicholas Hoesl, author of two books Laughter: The Drug of Choice : Definitive Doses of the Best Medicine. Jest Desserts: Of Cincinnati's 50 Plus About the Author Nicholas Hoesl is a community pharmacist, toastmaster,national keynote speaker, columnist, broadcaster, lecturer, and global volunteer. He lives, loves, laughs and lasts in Cincinnati, Ohio. About my book, Laughter: The Drug of Choice : Definitive Doses of the Best Medicine What if pharmaceutical companies could
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January Jones-Try Laughter-Bobbe White

Bobbe believes laughter and humor surround us daily. Her insights will change your group's perception of both. Your audience will be enlightened to the therapeutic value of humor and laughter and learn how to tap in to their benefits to communicate more effectively, both personally and professionally.
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January Jones – Laughter For Survival

THERE is little else that will make a person feel as good as will a good laugh, says Joyce Anisman-Saltman, a professor who lectures on the importance of humor. Ms. Anisman-Saltman believes so strongly that feeling good is something most people will go out of their way for, she has decided to make a living from it. She teaches, entertains, lectures and counsels on the art of laughter.
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