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Eating for Balanced Hormones – Every Woman’s Dream! Save the Date.

If you want to avoid mood swings, hot flashes , depression, low energy or even weight issues and just plain feel great, this is a must show for you.  What you eat, breathe, and how you deal with stress all play a role in whether you hormones are in balance.  And, by the way, hormones […]
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10.1.12 “CHER”ing “My” Smile with guest, “Luvcoach” Bruce Starr

      The Luvcoach, Bruce Starr is a radio and television talk show host and producer, a nationally known professional speaker, and a presenter on love, sex and dating issues. He has been on a 37 year self study on several different philosophies on life, originally to help him with his own relationships. He […]
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