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January Jones -Advocacy Heals U with Joni Aldrich & Chris Jerry

Joni Aldrich is the CEO of Cancer Lifeline Publications, and she produces international radio programs that are available both live and on demand to spread her message of HOPE. Joni advocates and speaks out for patient rights and education, cancer families, caregiver rights, and cancer care legislation in honor of her husband and mother who were both lost to cancer.
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January Jones-Cancer on the Brain-Jay Lefevers

In Cancer on the Brain, Jay Lefevers, a commercial real estate appraiser with CRBE, chronicles his personal journey in dealing with first a brain tumor, and two years later, a diagnosis of lymphoma. In 2013, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, the nation’s largest independent book awards organization, selected Cancer on the Brain as a 2013 general nonfiction finalist.
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