Daily Archives: November 27, 2013

Betrayal, Injustice, and Loss: Getting Beyond the Anger

One of the predominant complaints I hear from my clients is “This isn’t fair!” Referring to an incident where they or someone else has suffered a perceived injustice, they feel angered that things were not equitable. There is a universal misconception that if you play by the rules you will be treated justly. If you […]
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January Jones welcomes Lynn Bardowski, The Million Dollar Party Girl!

Home About Speaker Visionista U Success Book Radio Events Store LynnTV Blog Press Contact About Lynn My heart whispered, “Candles feed your soul. Share your glow. Make a difference. Listen to your intuition.” — Lynn Photo taken at Pearl Clutch, Haddonfield, NJ Hey! I’m Lynn Bardowski, the Million Dollar Party Girl. Don’t let the nick-name fool you. It’s more about a working Mom who discovered her inner visionista when she was least expecting
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