Daily Archives: November 20, 2013

Fear: The Good, the Bad, and the Solutions

I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t afraid of something. I have encountered those who claim they aren’t scared of anything but upon deeper introspection, they realize that there are things in life that they worry about or that concern them. (Both worry and concern are milder forms of fear.) There are some common fears that […]
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January Jones sharing “The Hope Coach” with Tawana Williams

Tawana Williams “The Hope Coach” About Tawana Williams: Tawana is a highly sought after keynote Motivational Speaker, Author, Television Personality, Artist (she draws with her feet,) Vocalist, Businesswoman, Mother, Wife, Mentor and CEO of Tawana Williams Outreach, Inc. a Non for Profit Organization. She has a powerful and uplifting message for people of all walks of life. Her compelling story is one of triumph, perseverance and determination. She became a professional speaker in 1996 and travels
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